10 Reasons You Need A Good Nights Sleep

get a good nights sleep

1. Fighting off short and long term illnesses

Having a good night’s sleep does not make you invincible from illness and disease, but research has shown that a lack of it can increase health risks. People who sleep for less than six hours a night are more likely to catch a cold or stomach bug. On a more serious note, years of sleep deprivation can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Work on the brain during REM, the deepest form of sleep can help prevent mental illnesses, such as depression and Alzheimer’s.

2. Live longer

If sleep helps fight off disease it’s more likely to help you live longer. Studies have shown that those who sleep longer will have an extended lifespan– that extra time in bed is by no means wasted! Older people can extend their lives by sleeping for up to nine hours a night.

3. Heals injuries

When you are asleep the cells in your body are more active. These create scar tissue which covers over any blemishes in the skin and heals wounds. The longer you sleep the more it has chance to carry out these essential repairs to your body.

4. Think clearer and improve concentration

Sleep’s effect on the brain is an area that scientists are most fascinated with, because the human capacity to learn is something which distinguishes us from other animals. During sleep the brain consolidates new information and makes us able to perform the same task better the next day. After a good night’s rest, the ability to absorb information and think clearer is more enhanced. Memory loss is more common in those who sleep less than the recommended hours.

5. Prevents accidents and mistakes

It goes without saying, the more tired you are and the less amount of concentration you have, then the more likely it is for accidents to happen. Research shows that 20% of all car accidents are caused by tiredness and more likely to result in serious injury. Stupid things like losing your keys or forgetting to do something is generally due to a lack of sleep.

6. More controlled emotions

Tiredness makes you angrier. Better sleep patterns can make you more emotionally balanced, while a lack of it can turn you into a cranky monster. Sleep levels in children have been linked with the rise of ADHD and in adults; to higher numbers of stress related illnesses.

7. Better weight control

A link between a lack of sleep and weight gain has been something which scientist and nutritionists have been focusing on in recent years. Their studies have shown that those who sleep more or less than the recommended time of 7-9 hours for an adult put on weight. Tiredness during the day, especially at work may lead to the consumption of more snacks, coffee and sugary drinks, further contributing to the problem. This is caused by the hormone, leptin, which is what causes you to feel full. Leptin levels drop when the body is sleep deprived, meaning more of a tendency feel hungry, eat more and fight tiredness with caffeine in the daytime.

8. More creative

Within the brain’s capacity to store new information during periods of rest, it organises it too, if given time. This means that the solution to a problem can be found, often upon waking up, along with the energy to carry it through.

9. Improves physical performance

If you put everything together so far – The ability to help fight off injuries and disease, improve concentration, control weight, emotions, prevents mistakes and become more creative; it is a no-brainer that if you have more sleep you will become physically stronger in both mind and body. More sleep will also make you look and feel more attractive to others, which brings us onto..

10. Better Sex life

The one you’ve been looking for. Yes it is believed that putting both a heightened physical and mental attributes gained by a good night’s rest can improve you exploits in the bedroom…so long as you leave time for some sleep afterwards…

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