What Is A Spring Based Mattress?

pocket spring mattress

While we have looked at the benefits of memory foam mattresses the other type are supported by springs, which come in different amounts, usually 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000. The more expensive the bed, the more amounts of springs there are supporting it. It is recommended that while buying a bed it is argued that you should have at least 1000 springs, to provide the required comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Types of spring mattresses

1. Open Coil structure

These are linked together across the length and width of the mattress. They are common in children’s beds and are largely inexpensive to produce. However, over time these coils can start to fall out and become displaced, especially under the points of which the most pressure is put on it. This can cause a “hammock” type effect, leading to lack of support for the spine and lower back. This problem can be solved by inserting a piece of memory foam underneath to help take the pressure of the coils.

2. Pocket Springs

Pocket spring mattresses provide even support across the bed and can be found in the aforementioned quantities of 800-2000 springs, depending on the cost. These are not linked together, meaning that they can move to support the contours of your body while you sleep. If sleeping with a partner it helps to eliminate their movements too, meaning there is less chance of disturbing each other during sleep. Pocket spring beds have the advantage of lasting longer than open coil ones before any major repairs need to be carried out.

3. Pocket Memory Mattress Core

As the name suggests this is a combination of both pocket springs and memory foam. The disconnected spring technology still carries out its function of moving to support your body. The memory foam acts as further support for your body’s movements and pressure points. These combined provides a winning formula for a quality night’s sleep.

The benefits of Pocket Spring Beds

1. Reduces Partner Disturbance

This is the term used in the bedding industry for the movement felt by your partner tossing and turning or getting out of bed. While other mattress types may increase this, pocket spring systems reduce the external movement, reducing partner disturbance to a minimum.

2. Supports your body

As each spring is designed individually they can move in accordance with your pressure points and body shape.

3. Safe

The springs do not get hot or emit toxic fumes if set alight and yet they perform pretty much the same function as memory foam.

4. Comes in a range of tensions

Pocket springs come in a different tension, so you can choose whether you require soft, medium or firm support.

A Summary- Spring Mattresses vs Memory Foam

Memory Foam Spring Mattresses

Moulds to the shape of your body

Reduces pain in pressure points

Absorbs movement by partners

Reduces partner disturbance

Pocket springs support the pressure points of your body while asleep

Safer for children

Comes in a range of tensions


Can be dangerous if set alight

Can become hot easily

Can emit unpleasant odour when warm

Can deteriorate over time and create sagging if an open coil structure

The amount of springs is linked to cost, but can be no noticeable difference

Can make the bed heavy to move

Your choice of bed and support is entirely up to you, as both types have their pros and cons. Your judgement when buying a bed should not be dictated to by the amount of springs underneath, or type of support it has, but also by the look and feel of it too.

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