7 Essential Tips For A Good Nights Sleep

7 Tips For A good Nights Sleep

1. Read a book as this can reduce your stress level by up to 68%.

2. Have a nice hot bath and relax , again this is another effective way to relax and unwind and lower your stress levels.

3. Have a good stretch especially if you suffer with backache stretching is proven to reduce the amount our body aches also helps to disperse /reduce lactic acid and the benefits can last most of the day resulting in increased mobility and decreases in pain levels.

4. Don’t eat too close to bedtime or drink too much coffee as coffee is a stimulant and this can cause difficulties getting to sleep.

5. Do 5/10 minutes of exercise before bed as this releases toxins in the body that helps us to sleep .

6. Get a comfortable mattress as this can aide and increase the quality of sleep you can have.

7. Learn how to relax and switch off at bedtime as this really does increase our quality of sleep.