Why Showrooms are a Good Thing and the Importance of a Middle Man

Why showrooms are a good thing

You spend roughly one third of your life in your bed and it is also a very large and noticeable piece of household furnishing. If you are in the market for a bed or mattress then you have more than likely seen advertisements for products delivered to your door for rock bottom prices. These services often operate from small premises or home with little or no running costs and just simply turn up and deliver the products from nowhere. The reason we wanted to get your attention for two minutes is to just explain our position in the market and what is is we do for our customers.

We run a medium sized showroom (a bit from the beaten path, away from the shops which helps keep our costs down) in Armley where we have over 50 different mattresses which you can try until you find the right one for your budget and comfort preferences and also browse the beds we have on display which include all of our top sellers. There is free parking and we make it easy to find with directions easily available on the website and signage out on the main road so you can see us when we get here. When you get here you will meet Bobby, the owner who is here to spend time with you, one on one and help you find the right products.

There is an old saying that our grandmothers used to tell us which is “buy cheap, buy twice” and it certainly applies to beds and mattresses although we may tweak it a bit to be “Buy without seeing, buy twice”. What we mean is that whilst there may be attractive offers online for beds and mattresses it really isn’t a product you should buy without seeing and trying it out first for the reasons we mentioned above. If you buy a bed or mattress without seeing it then you are leaving yourself open to all sorts of problems. It might not be the right colour or style or more importantly it might not be the right comfort for you. Mattresses vary so much and you really have no idea what it is going to be like until you actually get on it and try it.

Visiting the showroom in person (we like to call it our “test-station”) allows you to see, touch and feel the product allows you to physically inspect the product you are buying. We encourage all of our visitors to lay down on the beds and get a real feel for it. We have foot mat protectors on all of our display beds so people can have a full lay down. We offer this service to help ensure you get the right product for you, the first time. Another benefit is that you are dealing directly with the owner of the company and there is a physical premises where you can go for customer service. We pride ourselves on the service we offer helping people find the right products and we are here to offer our expert advice which you may not get without the showroom service.

We may never be the rock bottom cheapest out there for beds and mattresses but we fight hard to keep our prices low and we are still much cheaper than the high street stores. The purpose of this post is to show you what our service is and what the benefits are. You may see beds cheaper online but they aren’t backed by our showroom and customer service. Also, without a middle man such as us there is less come back for you and the whole buying prices is just less secure. We could do away with the showroom and website and all those costs and bring our prices down to rock bottom but we don’t want to because form experience, customers just end up having problems.

Thank you for your time reading and best of luck in your search! We are here to help if you need us just a click or phone call away. This service is here for your benefit so please use it and get your purchase right the first time.