10 Essential Tips For A Good Nights Sleep

Top ten tips for a good nights sleep

Good sleep improves your mood, mental health and overall performance throughout the day. You should wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day after a good nights sleep. Not getting enough quality sleep on a regular basis can trigger many serious disorders and conditions. We have put together this top ten list of tips to help you relax at bedtime and get a quality nights sleep for your health!

1. Read a book as this can reduce your stress level by up to 68%. When your read regularly before bed then brain will get used to it and will start to use it as a signal that your body is getting ready to sleep.

2. Have a nice hot bath and relax , again this is another effective way to relax and unwind and lower your stress levels.

3. Have a good stretch especially if you suffer with backache stretching is proven to reduce the amount our body aches also helps to disperse /reduce lactic acid and the benefits can last most of the day resulting in increased mobility and decreases in pain levels.

4. Don’t eat too close to bedtime or drink too much coffee as coffee is a stimulant and this can cause difficulties getting to sleep. If your body is busy digesting food then it won’t be able to focus on getting quality sleep.

5. Do 5/10 minutes of exercise before bed as this releases toxins in the body that helps us to sleep.

6. Get a comfortable mattress as this can aide and increase the quality of sleep you can have.

7. Learn how to relax and switch off at bedtime as this really does increase our quality of sleep.

8. Get in to a routine. if you set yourself a time for getting ready and going to bed and stick to it your body will naturally adjust to fall asleep at that time each day.

9. Darken the room around you. Dimmer switches can be installed for cheap or you can buy lamps with dimmer switches fitted. If light is getting in to the room for streetlights or early morning sun then you can invest in some heavier curtains to combat this.

10. Get quality sleep. People sleep in a cycle and if that cycle is disturbed you may not properly reach the end of it and benefit from a full nights rest. Drinking too many liquids before bed is not recommended as getting up in the night breaks your sleep cycle, also some people also say strenuous exercise in the hours before bed leads to disturbed sleep.

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