5 common dreams and their meanings

The Freudian dream philosophy included the importance of symbols and messages contained in them which relate to our waking lives. Below are five of the commonest dreams which many people experience in their lives plus their meanings.

Falling (1)

The classic and most common type of dream involves falling. If it is a bad dream then it can mean anxiety or insecurity about a situation. A dream involving falling can mean that there is an aspect of your life which is out of control and needs to be addressed. If it is a happy one it can mean you are not afraid of changes.

Being Chased (2)

Chasing dreams indicate that you are avoiding something in your waking life. This could be another person, or a situation which has manifested itself. Being chased can also indicate fears that something in the past will catch up with you. The dream is telling you to stop running and face the situation head on!

Teeth Falling out  (3)

Surprisingly this has nothing to do with how good or bad your dentist is, but rather, you have been a little bit loose tongued recently in your waking life. This dream is warning you to be careful with what you are saying!!! otherwise your teeth may fall out for real when you upset the wrong person !!

Driving an Out of Control Vehicle (4)

Dreams about transport and cars relate to the direction in life which we are taking. An out of control one which results in a crash can mean you have made a bad decision or have been irresponsible in some way. If you are alone it may mean you know where you are heading, but lack the support to enable you to get there.

Being Unprepared (5)

A common dream is one in which you feel unprepared for something, be it an exam, a play or wedding. This indicates that in waking life you lack the confidence and preparation to take the next step forwards. At least 1 in 5 people have experienced this type of dream in their lives.

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